Covering Costs

A key part of sponsorship is covering basic expenses for the newly arrived refugee’s first 90 days in the United States. The money you raise will go towards paying rent and providing basic necessities like furniture, household goods, groceries, and clothing — until they can cover costs themselves.

Proof of funds

Sponsor groups secure $2,425 per refugee by the time they arrive. At least 60% of $2,425 ($1,455) must be in cash, while the rest of the funds can be a combination of cash and donated items and services.

We recommend you put this money in a separate GoFundMe or bank account. This money should only be used to cover the refugees’ cost of living for their first 90 days. 

To apply, you’ll need to upload a document that shows you have secured the 60% ($1,455 per refugee). This demonstrates that your group is on its way to being financially ready. Mark through or crop out any bank account numbers or personal information before uploading. You can choose one of these options to upload:

Bank statement

A bank statement with the name of the bank and the account balance visible. The account must be under one of the members’ names or the group name.

Online fundraiser screenshot

A screenshot of a GoFundMe or other online fundraiser. Include the group name and full amount raised in the screenshot.

Confirmation letter

A letter from an organization (a faith-based group, foundation, nonprofit etc.). Include the amount of money pledged.

The Sponsor Fund

Need financial support?

It can be challenging to raise the required funds. If your group is applying to be matched with a refugee, you can apply for financial support through The Sponsor Fund.

At this time, The Sponsor Fund is not accepting applications from groups applying to sponsor someone they know.

Raised the 60%?

Sponsor groups applying to be matched with a refugee who have raised the 60% to apply to the Welcome Corps may submit a Sponsor Fund application at any time prior to the refugee’s arrival. Your application will be reviewed after you’re matched with a Private Sponsor Organization (PSO) post-certification.

Not raised the 60%?

Sponsor groups applying to be matched with a refugee who have not raised the minimum 60% to apply to the Welcome Corps can apply for The Sponsor Fund through a Private Sponsor Organization prior to submitting a Welcome Corps application.

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