The Sponsor Fund

The Welcome Corps is a service opportunity for Americans in communities across the country to make a lasting impact by helping refugees build new lives in the United States. Welcome Corps sponsors work together in groups to deliver essential support and ensure refugees feel secure and empowered to be active members of the communities welcoming them.

Many refugees approved for resettlement don’t know someone in the United States. Thanks to the generous support from private donors, the Welcome Corps and the Sponsor Fund are making it easier to join a movement of welcoming communities in all 50 states and D.C. If you are applying to be matched with a refugee you don’t know, the Sponsor Fund is covering the financial requirement so more volunteers can get involved and focus on providing the best possible support to our new neighbors.

Financial Assistance is Available

If you are applying to be matched with a refugee you don’t know, your group can receive $2,425 per refugee welcomed to help with things like securing housing and basic necessities like furniture, household goods, groceries, and clothing. 

This means sponsor groups do not need to raise funds before submitting their application. All you have to do is submit a Welcome Corps application to sponsor a refugee you don’t know. 

A key part of sponsorship is covering basic expenses for the newly arrived refugee’s first 90 days in the United States. The Sponsor Fund lowers financial barriers, making it easier for more groups to get involved.

What happens after I apply?

After your group submits a Welcome Corps application to sponsor a refugee individual or family you do not know, your Group Coordinator will receive an email on next steps. You will need a GoFundMe account to receive funds. Funds are disbursed after your group is matched. Depending on the timeline, funds may be disbursed within the first 30 days after the refugee’s arrival.

Sponsors who receive a grant from the Sponsor Fund agree to report basic information—such as how the funding was used and additional fundraising efforts—in 30-day intervals or until the grant funds have been used in full.

Please note: The Sponsor Fund is not available for groups applying to sponsor someone they know.

If your group has previously welcomed refugees and plans to sponsor again, you can qualify for the Sponsor Fund. You must apply to sponsor a refugee you do not know and be in good standing with the Welcome Corps. 


For questions about the Sponsor Fund, please contact your Private Sponsor Organization or email with the subject line “CSH Sponsor Fund.” 

Attend an upcoming webinar to learn how to take advantage of this incredible opportunity and apply with confidence to support refugees on their journey to safety and stability. 

The Sponsor Fund is made possible through the generous private philanthropy efforts led by the Shapiro Foundation in partnership with the Community Sponsorship Hub and 

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