Welcome Corps for Afghans

The Welcome Corps lets everyday Americans support Afghan allies who bravely stood with our soldiers, aid workers, and diplomats for more than two decades. Honor their service by helping them reach safety and rebuild their lives in the United States.

You can play an important role in welcoming our Afghan allies to the U.S. by forming a private sponsor group.

These groups are made up of at least five U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents (sometimes known as “Green Card holders”). They must be at least 18 years old and live in or near the same community. Sponsor groups provide core resettlement services for the refugee for first 90 in the United States including:

  • Locating and facilitating affordable housing
  • Assisting in the enrollment of children in school 
  • Helping refugees and SIV holders find jobs 
  • Helping to sign refugees and SIV holders up for federal and state benefits they qualify for
  • Supporting refugees’ and SIV holders’ integration into their new communities

No, the Welcome Corps is not necessarily a faster option. Privately sponsored refugees are subject to the same processing requirements as all other refugees.

Yes. Sponsored refugees and SIV holders who come through this program are able to work upon arrival. They will also be eligible for resettlement benefits. The private sponsor group welcoming them to the U.S. commits to providing a set of core services.

Ready to apply? Explore the sponsorship requirements and and start your application. 

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