Using this Refugee Eligibility Tool

This tool is designed to help you understand whether the refugees you would like to sponsor through Welcome Corps are likely to be eligible for a referral to the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program.

When using the eligibility tool, consider every individual you want to support (sometimes an entire family). Some household members may not be eligible due to individual circumstances. For example, people under age 18 cannot be listed without their legal guardian.

The results of this tool are not a guarantee that someone is eligible for referral to the program or that they will ultimately be admitted to the United States.

To be approved for resettlement to the United States through the Welcome Corps, the individuals you wish to sponsor must also successfully pass the U.S. government’s screening and vetting processes, including review and adjudication of their refugee claim, security screening, and medical examination (see more information here). A case, or even select individuals on a case ultimately may be denied by the U.S. government based on the results of these screening and vetting processes and/or adjudication of their refugee claim. 

Every refugee must meet the exit visa requirements for the host country.

Refugees who are approved for U.S. resettlement are responsible for paying any fines for overstaying their visa to obtain exit permission to leave the country where they currently live. The U.S. government will not cover these costs.