Forming a Sponsor Group

Sponsors work in groups of five people or more, sharing responsibilities and supporting one another through the process of welcoming refugees. Working alongside others lightens the load and brings communities together.

The people who join your sponsor group must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents over the age of 18 who live in or near the community where the refugee(s) will live.


Setting your group up for success

You’ll tackle a variety of tasks as you help refugees navigate their new community, so it’s a good idea to recruit people with different backgrounds and skill sets. Here’s one example of how you might organize your group’s responsibilities.

Group Coordinator

Take the lead on filling in the application, facilitating team meetings and communications, and coordinating submission of important documents.

Welcoming & orientation

Greet refugee(s) at the airport, give them a ride to their new home, and introduce them to community services, public transportation, and local faith/ethnic organizations.

Finance & employment

Lead fundraising efforts and help refugee(s) understand the American workplace, connect to workforce development services, create resumes, and practice interviewing.

Housing & necessities

Help secure safe and affordable housing for the refugee’s first 90 days and coordinate basic necessities like food and clothing.

Benefits & healthcare

Help refugee(s) access public benefits like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and Supplemental Security Income, as well as health and mental health services.

Education & language

Enroll children in school and help refugee(s) learn English by connecting them with language and interpreter services and providing informal learning opportunities.

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Meeting Guides

These meeting guides offer optional discussion questions and activities to help you plan regular check-ins with your group throughout your sponsorship journey.

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