About the WelcomeCorps

The Welcome Corps is a service opportunity for Americans in communities across the country to make a lasting impact by helping refugees build new lives in the United States. Marking the boldest innovation in the United States’ approach to refugee resettlement in four decades, the initiative builds upon our country’s long tradition of providing refuge to people forced to flee their homes in search of safety and freedom.

Now, refugees seeking resettlement in the United States receive assistance through the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP) in one of two ways: through professional resettlement agencies or via Welcome Corps’ sponsor groups. 

How the program works

Sponsoring refugees

Working in groups of at least five people, sponsors come together to help refugees transition to life in their new community, all along the way supported by tools and resources from the Welcome Corps as well as ongoing guidance from resettlement experts.

Strengthening communities

Sponsor groups connect refugee newcomers directly to their communities, helping them build a social network, become self-sufficient, and gain a stronger sense of belonging. These shared acts of welcome strengthen communities and build support for refugee protection by directly involving private citizens in refugee resettlement.

Secretary Blinken announced the launch of the Welcome Corps in 2023

“Providing a safe haven and a new home for people fleeing war, violence, and persecution is one of America’s noblest traditions, dating back to the founding of our nation. Throughout our history, our country has benefitted from the energy, ingenuity, and the hard work of refugees.”

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Second year starts off strong

In the first few months of 2024, thousands of Americans answered the call to serve across all 50 states and Washington, D.C. 


Applications submitted


States represented

A collaborative initiative

This groundbreaking program is made possible through the joint work of various partners working alongside government agencies.

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Welcome Corps on Campus

Colleges and Universities

A first-of-its kind program for refugee students, Welcome Corps on Campus provides a path to permanent legal status in the United States for refugee students. Participating U.S. higher education institutions enroll refugee students in degree programs, and campus sponsor groups commit to supporting their resettlement through private sponsorship. Together, they play an instrumental role in refugee students’ journey towards long-term integration in the United States.

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Welcome Corps at Work


Welcome Corps at Work provides innovative solutions for both U.S employers and skilled refugees overseas. Through this program, the Welcome Corps matches qualified refugees with U.S employers, providing them with concrete job offers. These refugees can then be safely admitted to the U.S, where they will be welcomed by a local sponsor group who commits to supporting their resettlement.

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Stories of Welcome

What does sponsoring a refugee look like?

Learn more about how sponsor groups welcome newly arrived refugees and help them rebuild their lives in the United States.