How to Apply

Your application to the Welcome Corps is the beginning of a life-changing experience. Review the steps below to understand the process. Each group chooses a single designated coordinator who will create an account and fill in the application based on the type of sponsorship. There are two ways to sponsor:

Get matched

Your group can apply to be matched with a refugee or refugee family who is already in the process of being resettled to the U.S.

Sponsor someone you know

Your group can identify a refugee or refugee family overseas and apply to sponsor their resettlement in your community.

Form a group

To begin your sponsorship journey, you’ll gather a group of at least five people and together complete the following steps.

Recruit your group

Who completes this step?
Any group members

You can reach out to friends, neighbors, coworkers, your congregation, or your book club to form a group. Any adults who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents and who live in or near the community where the refugee(s) will live can join your sponsor group. 

Create an account

Who completes this step?
Group coordinator

If you plan to be the Sponsor Group Coordinator, create an account to begin your application and enter information for each member of your group.

Complete background checks

Who completes this step?
All group members

Each member of your group must complete and pass a background check. The information entered for each group member should be the same on both the application and the background check.

Complete training

Who completes this step?
One group member

At least one group member must complete the Sponsorship Essentials Training. Your coordinator will be required to upload one (1) certificate of completion. The certificate is available to download on the last page of the training, after selecting “Finish course.”

Attend an application support session

Learn about sponsorship and the application process. Afterwards, you’ll get an invite to meet with a Welcome Corps coach one-on-one for help preparing your application.

Plan and fundraise

With a plan in place, you and your group will feel ready and able to help new arrivals adjust to life in your community.

Make a plan

Who completes this step?
All group members

Your group should review the services sponsors promise to provide and make a plan for how you’ll work together to support refugees.

Start fundraising

Who completes this step?
All group members

Funds are used to cover housing and provide for the refugee’s initial basic needs until they find work. To complete the application, your coordinator will need to upload proof that you have 60% of the required funding.

Collect information

Sponsoring someone you know?

If your group is hoping to sponsor a friend or family member, you’ll need to gather some information. 

Collect refugee information

Who completes this step?
Group Coordinator

If applying to sponsor someone you know, gather the details listed here. You’ll need to fill in this information in the application for each person you hope to sponsor.

  • Their biographic information (legal name, date of birth, place of birth etc.)
  • Why they left their country and cannot return
  • Whether this is a new referral for the individual(s) to come to the United States as a refugee or whether they already have a case with the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP) or Afghan Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) program
  • If they have a pending USRAP or SIV case, you will need to provide that case number in your application
  • Documentation, such as copies of their proof of refugee registration or additional government-issued identification
  • Photo of each individual to upload (similar to a passport photo)

Application reminder

We label the first refugee you enter in the application as the “Primary Contact.” The Primary Contact must be at least 18 years old and be able to answer questions about the entire group. All refugees listed on the application must currently be in the same country as the Primary Contact.


Once you’ve entered all the relevant information in the application, you’re ready to hit submit! You can monitor the status of your application at any time by logging into the sponsor portal


Who completes this step?
Group Coordinator

Finalize and submit your application. Save your application number for future reference. 

Commit to sponsorship

Who completes this step?
All group members

A commitment form will be emailed to each group member when the coordinator submits the application. Every group member must review and certify the commitment form. 

Be aware

We do not collect any money from you

Your access to application resources, including webinars and meetings with application coaches, is completely free.

While sponsors do need to raise funds as part of the application process, these funds are managed by you and your group and the Welcome Corps does not collect any money from you. We want to make sure you have a good experience applying to the Welcome Corps. So, please be aware: If someone asks you for money or offers you money to prepare an application, you should not pay it! 

Join the Welcome Corps today!

Begin your application and set out on a journey to change a life  — including your own.